Mark Stoltz for Dallas Judge

Reelect Mark Stoltz for Judge

Mark Stoltz is a Dallas County Criminal Court Judge up for reelection in 2014. 


 "Proud to endorse such an excellent judge!"

-- John Lozano, former city councilman
and attorney


"Mark Stoltz is running for Re-Election in 2014. Why am i speaking up for him? Thanks for asking, BECAUSE Mark Stoltz, actually walks the walk! In 2010, I asked Judge Stoltz to be a mentor for a middle school boy in Oak Cliff, who had lost BOTH of his parents, and was living with his grandmother. Every week, and I mean EVERY week, Mark would come to the LULAC National Educational Service Center across from Greiner Middle School, and spend serious time with his kid, talk about school, goals, play games, toss the football, answer questions. Whatever the young man needed. Most men in office are reluctant to "get their hands dirty", but Mark went out of his way to be a positive role model for this little boy, even so far as inviting him to his Judge's Chamber and wearing his Robe!! Judge Stoltz's record speaks for itself, please check out his website. I'm thrilled to support him. I hope you will too."

-- Otis Gray, community activist

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